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January’s Garden

January 27, 2013


Right now, this is what my garden looks like. Pathetic though it is, it makes me so happy to have something green and growing in my kitchen in the dead of winter. (Though to be fair, it’s 60  degrees in Colorado right now.)

I can’t wait to get my hands in the soil and start cultivating an actual garden. This is the first time in a long time that I will stay in one place through an entire growing season. Since I’ve been interested in gardening, I’ve either lived in a place where gardening took some serious and expensive nursing along (Colorado’s High Country is not hospitable for rookie gardeners) or I’ve moved right in the middle of the growing season (living in student populated areas meant a lot of rents ended in August). Last year I got a lot of spinach and kale, but only one tomato and one zucchini.

This year however, my lease is long enough to see me through an entire season of fruits and veggies. Finally! Finally I get to see the fruits of my efforts (pun totally intended)! Seed catalogs are out and I’m starting to get itchy. I need to remind myself to modest; to not get too ambitious and overwhelm myself.

Here’s what I’m hoping to grow:

1) spinach, because it’s easy and I love it in pastas and omlettes
2) kale, because it’s easy and eat a ton of it
3) snap peas, because they grow quickly and I have an awesome trellis already in place
4) cherry tomatoes, because they’re the quickest-growing tomato and I eat them like candy
5) zucchini, because high-yield things make me feel successful

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