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I Learned Read nda Rite Good

May 9, 2012

It’s over. I just turned in the last paper of my graduate career. No more teachers, schools, or books…

I feel like I should be arriving at some poignant epiphany or summation of my last two years. Or at least celebrating and enjoying cathartic release. Burning my old papers perhaps? Going to the bar and purging every thought about Derrida, Butler, literary theory, and the proper use of semi colons from my brain? Writing heartfelt thank-yous to my professors and advisers? Nope. I’m going to browse Craigslist and check out what’s on Hulu. So much for major life changes.

Right now, what I mostly feel is relief. The past two years were hard. Not as hard as they could, or probably should have been, but I’m very happy that my days of stress, student center lunches, and library living have come to an end. I finally have free time to garden, run, hike,cook, read for pleasure, and ride my pony. I’m so SO looking forward to all of those things.

Will I eventually experience an existential crisis and freak out about not being a student? Yes, probably. But in the meantime, I’m quite content to have school in my rear view mirror.

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