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2013 Adventure List

2012 was amazing. Despite the turbulence of being a  post-grad Gen-Y quarter-lifer, I am so happy with my life.  If you told college freshman me that <em>this </em>is where I was going to end up nearly a decade later, I’d have said, “Future you, you ROCK!!!”  I’m going to continue the trend and make 2013 just as good or even better with these 13 adventures for 2013. Bring it on!

1) I WILL hike a 14er,  dangit. This has been on my to-do list since I moved to Colorado four years ago.  I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS YEAR!

2) Go hunting, or at least take meaningful strides toward it. One day, I’d like for my actions to live up to my ideals, and this includes only eating meat that I’ve had a hand in harvesting. There’s an online hunter’s safety course I can take, and some good women-only hunting workshops.

3) Raise meat chickens. For rationale, see #2.

4) Spend three nights in the wilderness. I live in mind-blowingly beautiful country, have the desire, and finally have the gear. I need to make the time to get out of bed, turn off hulu, put aside my chore list, forget about work, and get into the High Country.

5) Go horse camping!

6) Read 33 books (2013-> 20+13 = 33).
1) White Fang 1/4
2) The Witch of Hebron 1/9
3) The Feast Nearby 1/20
4) A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color 1/29
5) The Secret Lives of Cowboys 2/05
6) Gone Girl 2/26
7) The Chocolate Money 3/1
8) With Blood in Their Eyes 4/28
9) Kings of Colorado 6/2
10) How to be a Woman 6/13
11) A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing 6/15
12) Bossypants 6/25
13) Where’d You Go, Bernadette 7/12
14) Lonesome Dove 8/01
15) Valley of the Dolls 9/6
16) Divergent 9/11
17) Pillars of the Earth 9/28
18) Between a Rock and a Hard Place 10/2
19) Coming Clean 10/13
20) Julie and JUlia 10/19

7) Try 33 different recipes. I love cooking and need to expand my repertoire.
1) Caramel Apple ice cream, recipe courtesy of Boulder Locavore
2) Ricotta ice cream–meh, the flavor is ok but it turned out too icy
3) Breakfast casserole
4) Cornmeal mush–not the most exciting recipe, but it’s cheap and I’ve never made it before
5) Pepperjack Habanero Bacon mac and cheese. It’s as good and as fattening as it sounds.
6) Salsa. I’ve never actually made homemade restaurant-style salsa and ohmygoodsogood!
7) Asian lettuce wraps (yum)
8) Panda Express chow mein copy-cat recipe (not yum)
9) Coconut milk ice cream (meh)
10) Rhubarb cake (so easy, so good, and with rhubarb from the garden!)
11) Chicken wings
12) Crepes
13) Lentil soup (fail
14) Potato soup (so good! just potato, butter, chicken broth, onion, and salt)
15) Buttermilk pancakes (never going back to normal pancakes again!)
16) Elk fajitas (nomnomnomnom)
17) Baked fried zucchini
18) Zuchinni bread (fail)
19) Zucchini cheese biscuit (ok, would be better with bacon)
20) Mascarpone ice cream. So freaking delicious.
21) Bacon maple whiskey ice cream
22) Crockpot pumpking oatmeal
23) Microwave chocolate cake in a mug. IT WORKS!
24) Homemade hot cocoa
25) crackpot Apple oatmeal

8) Going to shoot for three horse shows this year. That seems realistic, right?
1)  6/8 Pony and I entered our first horse show together! It was the very prestigious county 4H show and we were in the highly competitive walk/jog class. AND WE WON! Against some highly trained second graders. All kidding aside, it was a wonderful experience that was exactly what it needed to be: short, sweet, productive, and a fun diversion.

9) Cultivate three new skills.

10) Take part in a competition that is not horse related.

11) Visit every state touching Colorado.

12) Take part in two MeetUps and do something from Groupon. Yay expanding horizons and branching out.

13) Sing at an open mic night.


2012 Goals

I despise resolutions, but I love the idea of regeneration. Who doesn’t want a clean slate and the opportunity to start the new year as a better person? I’m going to change the rhetoric of New Year’s goals: “resolution” connotes obligation, and for me, obligation usually begets failure. This year, I’m going to have adventures. I want to do things that will enrich and excite my life; things that I can actively control.  And if the Mayans are right, and the world ends this December, I don’t want my last year on earth to be spent organizing my files or losing weight; I want to go out having climbed mountains and ridden racehorses.

So in the honor of 2012 and new adventures…

1) Climb a 14er
This, um, never happened. Never actually even came close to happening.

2) Can my own tomato sauce, jam, and pickles. Preferably with backyard-grown produce. And make home-made ice cream.
* Made Philadelphia style ice cream with my hand crank ice cream maker – 4/24/12
Jeez, I’m a slacker.

3) Go to National Western Stock Show  (accomplished 1/11/12), Cheyenne Frontier Days (accomplished 7/29/12), Greeley Stampede (soo…was gone for the Stampede, but substituted the Estes Park Rooftop Rodeo), Extreme Mustang Makeover (saw the very tail end!)  and Country Jam.
Did marginally better with events-based adventures. Didn’t see Country Jam but went to the NFR, which I’m happy to substitute.

4) Go on two “Tank Adventures”. Drive in a random direction until half my gas tank is empty. Wherever I end up is where I’ll spend the day. It’s like a mini, non-committal road trip.
A tank adventure in my truck takes me about…70 miles.

5)  Go on an overnight pack trip.

6) Backpack a three day stretch of the Colorado Trail.
I did an overnight hike….does that count?

7) Ride in five shows.

8) Which means I should probably start taking lessons. Find a trainer and take at least 12 lessons.
1/27- Lesson with Amy. Worked on picking up our right lead, counter bending, and leg yielding.

3/31-4/01- Took a two day clinic with Amy. Worked on ground manners, round penning, transitions within the gait, seat aids, and. lateral movement.We got our right lead! I’m going to count this as three lessons.
I  actually look lessons…two more than accounted for on this list. Still not close to 12. Learning that it’s really hard to schedule lessons when there’s only one day per week that both you and your trainer are both available.

9) Skin a rabbit. And eat it.
Didn’t skin a rabbit. Didn’t even eat a rabbit.

10) Read 40 books. For fun. Academic books don’t count.
Not 40 books, but at least I made some headway on this goal.

1) Kings of Colorado by David E. Hiltom (1/13/12)
2) The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold (2/8/12)
3) Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100 mile Diet by Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon (2/20/12)
4) Horseplay by Judy Singer (3/12/12)
5)Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horwitz (4/9/12)
6) Dragonfly Caught In Amber by Diana Gabaldon (4/16/12)
7) A Very Small Farm by William Paul Winchester (4/24/12)
8) Sund Dog Days by Slim Randles (6/7/12)
9) The Lie by Chad Kultgen
10) The Average American Male by Chad Kultgen
11) The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by Wroblewski
12) Fifty Shades of Grey  (7/12/12)
13 and 14) Read the last two books of the Hunger Games (7/23/12)
15) Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen (7/29/12)
to explain this gap: I read half of a lot of very bad books that I couldn’t bring myself to finish
16) Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (10/28/2012)
17) The second terrible 50 Shades of Grey book. Don’t judge.
18) I read The Lie Again. I need a library card.
19) Julie & Julia by Julie Powell (12/17/12)

11) Go to a horse race.

12) Learn to knit a hat. Or socks. Or both.
I, ummmm, added at least three rows to my scarf (that I’ve been working on two years now…)

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