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Perfect Pony Pants

December 2, 2011

I’m so proud of little Pony Pants.

After a reining “trainer” fried her little two year old brain, Angel learned to resist going forward. Because she was overworked and never released and rewarded, there was absolutely no incentive for her to do the right thing. As a defense mechanism, she would just shut down and no amount of urging, pushing, or coaxing could get her to move.

Over the past few months we’ve worked on moving forward off the leg willingly and softly. We spent many many sessions with our ears pinned straight back, gnashing our teeth, slamming on the breaks, backing up at Mach II, and moving all hollowed out and stiff.

Fast forward to today…

We loped. Right off my leg. She rolled right into it. She broke at the poll, got her butt under, and softly moved right up into the lope with nary a pinned ear or kick. I even pressed my luck and asked her to lope on both leads multiple times. She was a little crabby going to the right (her bad side), but a second attempt produced a nice lope.

I only asked her for a few strides each time (didn’t want to even give her the chance to think about braking), but it was more than enough to make me a proud mama :).

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