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November 28, 2011

As I was driving back from the barn the other day, I took a quick survey of my immediate circumstance and realized that I’m pretty damn happy with the way things turned out. I was driving my truck through a cornfield, trying to keep my saddles and miscellaneous tack from jouncing all over the place.

Do you know how long I’ve wanted a sentance like that to be applicable to my life?

Driving back from the barn.




These are the details of a happy life :).


On top of that, I rode both of my beasties on trail this weekend and they were fantastic. Kinetic and I went on jaunt through the neighborhood and he was nice and relaxed. We braved motorcycles, school children, cows, and busy intersections. And the novelty of riding from and back to my own backyard has yet to wear off. I love riding MY horse up MY driveway, untacking him in MY backyard, and letting him out in MY pasture. Childhood dream of having a horse in my backyard: fulfilled.  On Sunday I took Angel on some of the dirt roads and didn’t see one hint of the angry, bitchy pony she was a few days ago. I really don’t think anything is physically wrong with her; on trail she was forward, round, and engaged. I’m thinking we might have to do more of our schooling on the trail.

Now off for a lesson. My first real lesson in YEARS. Granted, it’s a western horsemanship lesson instead of a jumping one, but still, I’ve really missed having someone holler at me to KEEP THE HORSE IN FRONT OF YOUR LEG!!!!!!!!! DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!

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