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Jumpers we are not

November 26, 2011

I doubt that we’ll have a future career in show jumping.

I wanted to change things up a little for Pony, so decided to do a fun “jumping” sesh in the roundpen. I really had to intention of legitimately starting her over fences; I just wanted to see how she negotiated poles and tiny Xs on her own.

Well, she negotiates them verrrrrrrrrry slowly.

Kinetic becomes a fire-breathing jumping freight train when he sees a jump in his path. Angel becomes a slug. Poor thing has no natural proclivity towards jumping and is rather confused by the whole affair.

She would get to the cavaletti, stop, look to me for guidance, sniff the pole, look at me with concern, place one foot gingerly on the other side, quickly put the other front foot on the other side in case trot poles eat tardy feet, shudder visibly with distaste at the whole thing, sortof bippity-bop her hind legs over, and finally look at me for cuddles and approval.

We didn’t actually jump anything; hell, we barely trotted over anything. I wonder if Pony even knows she can get all four legs off the ground at the same time.

So nothing spectacular, but at least it was something different for Pony to think about.

I also learned that Pony has developed some bad lunging habits. Whenever she didn’t want to work, she would face up. She would turn herself to face me wherever I was so that it was impossible for me to get behind her shoulder and drive her forward.

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  1. November 26, 2011 7:58 am

    Don’t worry… when Tucker started out he would land from the jumps at a halt. Took us a while to figure it out. His baby brain finally clicked when there was a log that had fallen across our trail. Since his natural inclination was to keep going along the trail, he jumped that and kept going. Sounds like Angel is just being… cautious. Nothing wrong with that, I think she sounds smart!

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