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Oh ponies…

November 1, 2011

I have an essay due in four hours.

So I’m reading horse blogs. Watching dressage videos. Perusing COTH.
None of which are helping my essay progress, but all of which are enabling and feeding my horse addiction.
How is it that I can spend the majority of the day working with and around real horses, and still be interested in virtual versions of them? The horse bug is terminal. I still get excited when I drive by a horse on the highway. As if I didn’t see horses every damn day. As if I didn’t have two of my own.

Speaking of the beasties, lots has happened since I last wrote. Shocker, I know, since I haven’t written in weeks. Sir Beast (Big Old TB) has been moved to a self-care situation right down the street. Although he wasn’t languishing where he was by any means, I felt guilty for neglecting my old man. When I don’t ride him (and I don’t much, since he’s basically retired), I find that I don’t visit him as often as I probably should. Now he’s down the road and I HAVE to feed him, see him, and hang out with him. He doesn’t seem to care one way or the other, but it makes me happy. I’m waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can fix up the pasture in the backyard. As nice as it is to have him down the road, it will be even nicer to have him in my backyard.

Pony Pants (Little Baby QH) is coming along great. We’re establishing a relationship and learning to trust and listen to each other. I really wish I’d kept a riding journal to chart our progress. Let’s just say our first ride wasn’t spectacular. She’d been burned out at a reining barn before I bought her and took it all out on me. If I so much dared to apply leg pressure, she’d pin her ears back, turn to bite my leg, gnash her teeth, crowhop, and back up at mach II. Now she moves off my leg willingly with hardly an ear twitch. And she’s finally learning to stretch out into the bit rather than go around like a coiled spring. She’s relaxed, and dare I say, happy? Not much in the grand scheme of riding accomplishments, but huge for us.

Alright, back to essay……and dressage vids.

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