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Certifiably Insane

September 27, 2011

So I officially suck at blogging. By the time I get home and done with chores, I’m too tired to formulate coherent thoughts and translate them into actual sentences.

I’m still poor, still mostly jobless, still not really sure what I’m doing with my life, still in school, and still losing chickens. 😦 😦 😦

Of the six chickens I bought about a month ago, only three are left. One chicken death was the result of a dog mishap, but I think the other two are due to wild critters. Our little pullet never came back to the coop one night. I thought she might be roosting somewhere hidden, but a morning search revealed a clump of feathers with enough tissue attached to convince me that she probably wouldn’t ever be coming back. I wasn’t too surprised that this particular chicken met her maker; she was small, skittish, and a loner. It wasn’t hard to imagine that something got her while she was gallivanting on her own.  I’m really shocked by the loss of the Buff though. 😦 This chicken was BIG and always hung pretty close to the coop. In fact, the pile of feathers next to the coop prove she was right there when the attack happened.

I have no idea what it could have been. The coop is pretty close to our house, and people and dogs are in and out all day. What animal would venture that close to a human residence in broad daylight? It looks like something got her close the fence and either chased or dragged her about twenty five feet. There’s a trail of feathers (but no blood, bones, or gore) that lead all the way to her body. Her body was intact except for the head, which was totally MIA.

What kills in broad daylight? Uses an attack method that results in a trail of feather? And takes the head but leaves the body?

A hawk? Our backyard is so weedy though- and the chicken feather trail starts underneath some nasty Canadian thistle. Would a hawk dive into that?  A fox? Wouldn’t a fox take more than a head?

Poor little girl. The Buffs were so sweet. I feel like a terrible chicken mom. No more free ranging for the remaining three. They’re gonna be pissed at being stuck in their run.


In other news, I bought a horse. Yep, that’s right. A horse.

Here she is:

She’s tiny and fancy and loving and perfect! I also have to eat nothing but peanut butter and plain noodles to afford her. More on the little girl later- don’t want to imbed her into a post about chicken predators.

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