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Drank the kool aid

August 28, 2011

I’ve talked about it, thought about it, written about it, and dreamed about it. But today I finally did it. I took my first hit of the homesteading gateway drug and bought my very first chickens.

Now, I’ve lived at places with chickens before, but this is the very first time that I’ve done it all by myself. I cleaned the coop (thank god the previous owners of this place made an awesome coop!), did the research, performed the craigslist hunt, and bought the hens. I have only a vague idea of what I’m supposed to be doing, but nothing has gone immediately or drastically wrong. The hens ate, drank, scratched, pooped, and roosted as hens ought to do. Already this is hugely rewarding. I half expected the hens to hop out of their box, take a long around, give me a look that says “you’re in way over your head”, and just die.

So now I am the proud owner of two Delawares and two Buff Orpingtons. Supposedly they were hatched in March and have already started laying. So help me homesteading gods, if there’s an egg in the coop tomorrow, I will lose my shit with happiness.

The whole chicken purchase also allowed me to say the most gratifying thing in recent memory: “I got some chickens in the truck”. Do you know how long I’ve waited to say something like that? Hmmmmmmm? I feel like that phrase was the password to some secret initiative of off griders, farmers, and mountain men.

Now just crossing my fingers they’re all alive in the morning.

Photos and chicken intros are obviously on the way.

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