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August 23, 2011

Miraculously, I was able to leave the ranch with nary a tear shed. I know it will always be part of my life, and there will never be a final “goodbye”, only an “until we meet again”. I’ll actually be back there in two weeks to do a pack trip…

Besides, I recognized that there are exciting things awaiting in Fort Collins—when one door closes, another opens; and this open door is leading to all sorts of wonderful possibilities.

First of all, the house I moved into is just begging to be turned into a bomb-ass cozy rural wonderland. Unfortunately, the previous tenants treated it like country frat house and a lot of sweat and labor will be necessary before my ambitions for this place get actualized. But there’s so much freak’n potential here. The beer bong table and trashed yard belie an acre of good grass and the big wooden deck. The chicken coop is just waiting to be relieved of it’s current job as a soda can dump. A bush hog and machete will unburden the raised garden beds from their weeds.

The backyard:


The loafing shed (that actually leads out to an enclosed run:


Garden area:

P5041766 (800x600)

I don’t even know where to start. I have packets of spinach and lettuce that are just begging to be turned into a fall garden. I know it’s a smidge late to be sowing seeds, but oh well, it’ll be worth it if I even get one homegrown salad. I doubt the garden area will get weed whacked in time, so perhaps I’ll just plant directly into potting soil bags?

Next on the agenda is chickens. I’m crossing my fingers that the stars align and I’m able to get my butt in gear enough to clean out the chicken coop and introduce some barnyard fowl to the abode by this weekend.

My priorities are skewed- I’m living out of  trash bags and sleeping on a couch; a situation that wait to be rectified- but the spinach seeds need to get in the ground NOW!

I also might be getting a job as a berry picker on an organic farm. Yeah- thanks fancy private school education- how come you aren’t writing about me in the alumni papers?. I basically need a job ASAP- the money in the bank is scant thanks to my recent truck purchase- and there are worse things than picking berries outside. The pay isn’t fantastic, and the job is only for the next ten weeks, but hell, I get free berries out of the deal, I can manage it with my student schedule, and I’m totally comfortable with dirt under my fingernails and twigs in my hair.

Then there’s also the pony situation. I’ve got a couple new horses to ride, which I am PUMPED about.

Things are getting good.

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  1. August 23, 2011 2:55 pm

    Woo hoo! This all sounds like fun. So nice to be hearing from you again!

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