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Modernism, Distilled

April 30, 2011

Here’s some nerdy Literature material for my nerdy Lit friends.  The other day I actually made a joke about Stein. You know you’re in deep when your punchline is “…….it was totally GERTRUDE STEIN!”

To put it all in context, we’re in a Modernism and Multiculturalism class that is a total Mind-F.

Original status update:Modernism paper…DONE. 17 horribly written pages with a complete lack of an argument…but, DONE!

 Taylor: I produce at least ten papers like that a semester haha.

Bonnie: i am SURE that you have an argument, alex. i know you’re being modest here. you wrote a ROCKIN 17 page paper. i know it.

Lauren: I think my paper makes it clear that I still have no idea what modernism even is. 

Daniel :I’ve got 7 horribly written pages with a really basic argument. Want to trade?

Alexandra: Yes a trade might be quite nice…especially, considering Lauren’s post, I know you know what Modernism is! Because I second what she said. The only hold I have on it are wandering white guys upset with the war. And then this class completely shattered that idea! 

Lauren: Alex, don’t forget that they’re all alcoholics. Wandering alcoholics…I think that part is key.

Daniel : Wandering, alcoholic, white guys. Sounds like a redneck family reunion.

Daniel :Also, if anyone asks you what Modernism is, just point to something abstract and ask, “is that modernism, or postmodernism?” Then run.

Lauren :If you have to ask, I think it’s modernism. Postmodernism knows there’s no point in questions.

Alexandra: So…what is postmodernism. Nonalcoholic white guys?

Bonnie : and women. postmodernism includes women. modernism includes only men.

Sarah: if it makes you guys feel better i have an article where the author makes it CLEAR that McNickle’s The Surrounded is not a modernist text but then proceeds to talk about how Archilde is a modern hero. im so confused. he does wander and has no true identity…nope. still confused.

Alexandra : Why do we read about people wandering anyway? Seize your identitiy people! This is why I like Renaissance lit better…lots of homosexual possibilities and references to chamber pots (haha Bonnie).

Hayden: Rather than going through and clicking “like” on all of these comments, I’m just going to tell you all that this made me really happy. Also, I used to escort wandering alcoholic white guys back to their hotel rooms all the time. This summer I’ll make sure to tell them how modern they’re being….maybe I’ll get a tip.

Seriously, this running conversation is what’s keeping me going during paper writing hell.

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  1. May 3, 2011 9:56 am

    This is great! Sounds like you have a good group there. I love those realizations, when you make a joke with a literary punchline. I had a whole semester of making people laugh with Kristeva-related one-liners. It was bad.

    I’m taking a course on the Moderns in the fall, and now I’m scared.

  2. June 3, 2011 7:37 pm

    hey i just found your blog, its really cool, love reading it so i nominated for 1 of those bloggy awards thingys….go to my blog to recieve your award

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