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April 23, 2011

So I haven’t been posting regularly because I’ve been horrendously busy. Grad school has taken over my life, and any energy and emotion I have is depleted in the endless paper writing process. For weeks I’ve been stationed in the library or parked at my desk, unable to spare a thought for witty or meaningful blog posts. I can hardly even summon the energy to get excited for the ranch, which is less than three weeks away (!!!). In some vague, fuzzy way I’m aware that happy free time is on the horizon, but my immediate thoughts are laser focused on the 35 pages of essay I have to write in the next week. Ugh. I’m no fan of modernism or Willa Cather right now.

That said, I know I’ll be thrilled when those papers are turned in, the presentations are completed, my final is over and done with, and I can enjoy another ranch summer! I’m also getting pretty pumped about next year. I’m house shopping and crossing my fingers that this year will be THE YEAR that all my happy homesteading plans come to fruition. I’ll get my own property complete with chickens, milk goats, meat rabbits, and a cozy four stall barn. I want a garden, fresh eggs, goat cheese, and happy horses in the pasture.  Full of the self sufficiency spirit, I bought a whole bunch of Storey’s guides on animal husbandry and gardening :).

Just gotta get through these next two weeks.

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