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No excuses..

March 30, 2011

I just paid $85 for the diagnosis: “Your horse is a big, overly sensitive, Thoroughbred weenie”. Not that I’m shocked to hear that.

A few weeks ago, I started to bring back Kinetic from his winter retirement by doing some nice, easy work in the round pen. We were fine to the left at the walk and trot. We were fine to the right at the walk, but the trot produced an angry, aggressive, fire breathing horse. Kinetic would drop his right shoulder, dive into the center and pick up a spastic lope before slamming on the breaks and rearing up. Full on HI-HO SILVER rearing.

Now, no one would ever accuse Kinetic of being a perfect lunger, but this behavior was  extreme, even for him. Was he ouchy somewhere? Was he just resisting being asked to work again? Did he just have to get the spring sillies out? Since behavior issues and physiological issues are so inextricably linked, I wanted to have an expert rule out the physical. I don’t want to be one of those jerks that punishes their horse for being in pain.

The good news is that he’s essentially 100% sound. His hips are good. His shoulder’s fine. Back is great. Legs are mostly clean. He did react to the flexion test on his right front, and the vet thinks there might some  very mild arthritis or ringbone.  However, the vet didn’t think that either of these would produce the violent reaction Kinetic has had to being worked. Although he did admit that he could “see Kinetic being the type of horse that would react strongly to something like that”. WTF is THAT supposed to mean? Are you calling my horse a wimp?

Ok, I’ll concede that…

Essentially, the vet concluded that Kinetic had no physical justification for acting up.

I was left with some bute to see if his right front is the cause of all the hijinks. If there’s no change in behavior, we know that Kinny is just being a butt about being re-introduced to work.

At least I don’t have to feel guilty for kicking his naughty butt.

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