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February 27, 2011

I love seasons.
I’m cool with winter.
Snow is charming.
The weather has been gorgeous.
Still, by February, I’m sick of the color palette that’s been my world for the last four months. As a former zone 10 girl, there’s only so much brown and white I can take before I get a little color depressed. Where are my greens? My yellows? My reds and oranges?

Still two months and about twenty degrees away.

So to combat the color deprivation blues, my room mate and I had a seed starting party. I’m a seed starting neophyte, so hopefully these little guys can live on optimism and good intentions…

I’m leaving for the ranch in early May (yep, made my decision, ROUND 4!) so if I’m really lucky, the only thing I’ll reap for my efforts is a snap pea or two.

If nothing else, we’ll have some pretty flowers. The bulbs seem to be thriving. And aren’t these pots freak’n adorable?

^^^ These books made me do it. Awful influences.

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  1. March 1, 2011 8:22 pm

    Want. Bird. Pot. Too adorable for words.
    Hooray to round 4!
    May you warm up soon, and color bloom. 😉

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