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December 21, 2010

First it was studying for finals.

Then it was taking a break from thinking, speaking, or writing….anything even vaguely reminiscent of language and literature.

Then it was doing all the chores I’d neglected to do while studying for finals.

I’m just full of excuses for not writing in this thing. But now that I’ve checked finals and chores off the to-do list, and am completely and fully immersed in winter break, I can finally, finally write.

And of course, since I’ve neglected this poor blog for so long, I have too much to write about in any coherent fashion. Hence the bullet point organization…

  • I’m back home in California for the next few days and am really enjoying being around my family again. What I’m not enjoying is the weather. My holiday venture back to California is usually akin to a tropical vacation for me. By December, I haven’t seen green for MONTHS in Colorado, and California is a sunny, verdant oasis. This year, I left a balmy Colorado (where there is NO snow and the day temps average close to 60*) for wintery, rainy California. I arrived in time for one of the biggest rain storms of the year. So much for my plans to day-hike with the pup.
  • The pup is still the best dog in the world.
  • I moved Kinetic to a boarding barn right up the road. I haven’t posted about my issues with the other barn I had him at, but they seemed to think that feeding was a nicety rather than a necessity. So now he’s within walking distance of my house and actually has a feed tub full of hay and a trough full of water instead of ice. Definitely worth the extra $60/mo.
  • I haven’t purchased the palomino filly yet. Between holiday and exam schedules, it’s been a really crappy time to coordinate any sort of meeting. Besides, all this time has given me a chance to second guess the wisdom of taking on another horse. This has little to do with the horse, and much more to do with my inability to decide what I want out of life. I’ve posted about this before; I’m equally compelled to both travel and be a homebody; explore the world and garden; raise chickens and eat guinea pig in peru; spend my mornings on my front porch and spend mornings putting away camp in patagonia. I have equal desires to travel and to make a home, and I very often vacillate between the two. My mom is currently planning a trip to south america, and it’s stirred up all these hibernating desires I have to travel again. Damn travel bug. But other times, when I’m mucking out stalls during a gorgeous prairie sunrise, I think I could be happy doing this forever. Then a horse whuffs some hot breath into my face and tickles me with their chin whiskers and I KNOW I could do this forever. *sigh* But when should my forever start? Do I travel now while I still can? Do I settle down because the house, the horse, and the life I want are readily attainable right now? Can I somehow manage to swing both? The palomino filly is just so deeply emblematic of the one path. If I buy her it’s as if I made a definite choice, and I’m not sure if I want to take that path quite yet. Other times, it seems the only path worth taking. I dunno. Need to think some more…..
  • I really really really want to hike a 5 day section of the Arizona trail over spring break.
  • I really really really need to find a job.
  • I’m currently interning as an art curator assistant for the coors art gallery at stock show. My internship adviser is amazing and has me working the red carpet opening of the event. Well, as red carpet as Colorado can get. Woohoo excuse to get a new dress

Alright, I think that’s about as caught up as I can get. Now it’s time to go Christmas shopping….


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  1. December 22, 2010 1:56 pm

    Tough decisions. I feel like I’m still at a perpetual cross roads… keep plugging along with my career? try something else? sell my second horse? keep her and figure out how to keep two going? move to another state? go back to working at horse farms til I figure out what to do with my life? I’m babbling… but my point is, I totally relate.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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