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I. Hate. Being. Sick.

November 9, 2010

I especially hate sore throats.

They just make time go by so slowly because the day becomes measured by each painful breath and swallow. Ick.

I tried to hard to fight the tidal wave of colds that’s been decimating the school. ‘Tis the season. I’m pretty sure that everyone I’ve come in contact with over the last week has had a combination of pink eye, rheumatic fever, and ebola so I knew that I was pretty much F’ed. I’ve been drowning in emergen-c and tea, but the germs finally caught up with me. Luckily my pre-emptive battle strikes against the cold virus have paid off. I’m only a little worse for the wear with a scratchy throat and a little sniffle. If this is the worst of it, I can totally deal. And luckily I don’t have any major exams this week or anything. I DO have to work ’til 2am tonight, but I’m going to try to sleep until then.

I think the worst part about a cold is the night before when you feel that little raw tickle. Is it just a dry throat? Allergies? A scratch? Or will I wake up tomorrow with the real deal? The dreadful anticipation is agonizing. Now that I have the cold, I can embrace and baby it. And at least I’m getting sick now instead of over the Thanksgiving break. My immune system will be in high performance mode in a couple days and I should be free and clear for the next few weeks.

In the meantime, tea and rest.

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