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Horses, what else?

October 20, 2010

I cocktailed last night, which meant I stumbled into bed around 3am this morning.

So I wasn’t exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed when I woke up this morning for my am class. I seriously debating just taking a mental health day and going back to bed, but devoted student that I am I threw off the covers, chugged some coffee, drove to school in a half conscious state, paid for parking, and made it to class on time. Only to be told that the teacher had a migraine and class was cancelled. I could have been warm in bed the entire time.

I know this is karma for my planning to miss class tomorrow in favor of horse shopping and a field trip to the Sierra Trading Post Outlet. Priorities. The horse I’m seeing tomorrow is a long yearling, palomino, uber sporty QH. I’m not a palomino fan generally, and she’s above my price range, but hey, couldn’t hurt to look. My friend/ horsey fairy god-mother/ horse crack dealer thinks we’d be a fantastic match. I can’t believe I’m still entertaining the idea of getting ANOTHER horse. I’m in grad school. I make 1k a month. I already HAVE a horse and need another one like a bullet to my head. It’s a disease.

Despite the rough start to the morning it’s been a pretty productive day. I took a much-needed nap, cooked and froze a bunch of delicious Italian sausage soup, cleaned the kitchen, did some dishes, and got some chores accomplished. I also got in touch with a woman who is looking to have her horses exercise ridden. She has a children’s hunter and an eventer prospect. She doesn’t have the hard cash to pay me, but she owns a tack store and is willing to trade me tack and goods for riding. While the $75/wk I was anticipating coming from this arrangement would have been nice, I can EASILY spend that in a tack store. And it will be nice to ride broke English horses for once instead of starting babies.

Still working on getting my own beastie boy up here. I’m crossing my fingers that I can orchestrate something by Halloween weekend.

It’s also come to my attention that I broke my blogging streak by not posting yesterday. *sigh* Oh well, life will go on.

My blogging challenge to my self has me thinking about other streaks I should try to accomplish…..

Morning jog streak?

3 hours of homework streak?

Clean my room streak?

Smart spending streak?

Maybe I’ll get started on that clean room streak right now. My room is starting to look…..hazardous.

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