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I need to walk away from Dreamhorse…

October 18, 2010

There’s a three year old Oldenberg filly for $1,500. Not $15,000. $1,500.

The in-between-the-lines interpretation of the ad reads something like this “Very pretty, very pyschotic, green broke mare. If she’s not ridden every day with a bicycle chain bit and sumo wrestler manhandling then she becomes a lunatic bitch.” Medical issues aside, I can’t imagine another reason such a quality horse would be going for so little. Her sire’s other offspring are going for 15k.

But I grew up in Hunter-Jumper land. I have a Pavlovian response to any mention of warmbloods. I also have a deeply ingrained need to take advantage of good deals. I’m definitely guilty of buying things I don’t need just because it’s a killer deal.

I don’t even want a hyperactive 1,000 lb toddler. I want a calm, quiet little QH that will just as happily (and calmly!) bop around a hunter course as he will move cows. I want a plucky buddy. Not some uber-diva spitfire.

But I’m still definitely drooling over her. It just sounds so good to say. Oldenberg. Oooldenbeeeeeeeerg. Mmmmmmm.

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