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So what are you going to do with THAT major?

October 16, 2010

A room mate and I decided we’d spend our work and homework free Friday night at the local blue collar bar.

We got there pretty early and the expected  “I worked a 70 hour week and came here the second I punched out” group of tradesmen were there. One very (very very very very) inebriated young gentleman came to sit at our table and started spouting of the usual drunken platitudes of screw the system, how much work sucked and theeeeeth guys are like my brothers, ya know? Man? He was one of the more pathetic bar specimens I’ve seen. He told us he got there right after work and I could believe it. Dirty work clothes, greasy hair, eyes half mast, falling off his chair, mumbling sentiments and rants, and a little bit of drool….He looked every inch a ragged, drunk, bum.

I had pity on the kid. He reminded me of the guys I went to high school with, thought college was for losers, and became welders. Fortifying their lives with whiskey weekends. I thought I had him figured out…

“And the f-ed up part is….I have a college degree.”

Sure you do. A semester at the junior college doesn’t count buddy.

“I got a degree in English.”

Oh God. No, surely not.

“I scored in the 96th percentile on the LSATS.”

Stop talking! I can’t hear you. Lalalalalalalala.

“The other day I had to lay brick at the school I graduated summa cum laude from. ”



I have seen my future. And it’s lit like a Christmas tree at 8 pm.

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  1. October 17, 2010 12:21 am

    Well, I wait tables at night to pay off the (modest) student loan debt I incurred during graduate school. Its really demeaning thinking that the loans I racked up to get a ‘good job’ has landed me working 2 in order to pay for them…. life plays dirty tricks on us!

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