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I want to be one of those people…

October 15, 2010

I want to be one of those people. Those people who are always busy, cheery, and excessively productive. One of those people who when given a few hours of free time, goes, “Sweet. I can get a whole lot of extra stuff done!” Whereas I go, “Sweet. I can take a nap and read!” They are doers. I’m a napper.

Yesterday’s picture without words post was a classic product of napper-not-doer syndrome. After my trail ride and requisite Mikes Hard Lemonade on the Porch for Three Hours, I had every intention to come home, do homework, cook dinner, and write a witty and engaging blog entry. I ended up reading blogs for hours, getting thai take out, and posting a measly picture. I don’t think my homework ever came out of my backpack.

At least I went on a trail ride, right?

Today was only slightly more productive. I’ve managed to attend class, do dishes, clean my room, do my laundry, respond to emails, and bake apple bread. Hell, I even hung my laundry on the line. And of course, I also took a nap. I’ll tell myself that I’ll get some homework done before it’s time to go in for work, but I wouldn’t put any bets on it. At least I’m just hostessing tonight. Plenty of time to get some reading done at work. (Subject for another entry: How much I hate that I’m a waitress working on a master’s degree. Didn’t I get a college degree to avoid doing jobs like this?)

Some exciting news…I got a call back from the lady who needs her horses ridden some. I’m giving her a call in about an hour. Hopefully this turns out to be a good deal. It could potentially be another $100 in my pocket each week. That’s my rent right there.

I’ve also potentially stumbled upon my future house. The owner, who I’m good friends with, is possibly moving in with her boyfriend in a few months. She can’t sell the house because she’ll lose her tax credit, but she’s willing to work out a lease. It’s everything I’ve wanted in a house. 1920’s updated farm house. On 11 acres. Complete with four stall barn, round pen, paddocks, pasture, and full size roping arena. It’s lovely. Who knows where life will take me by then though. Will I be here? Will I be willing to commit to OWNING a house? Will I be back in Granby? Will I be in south america? Oh well. It’s nice to know the option is there.


Day 5

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  1. February 8, 2011 4:16 pm

    ‘They are doers. Iā€™m a napper.’

    Did you write this about me? ā¤

    Seriously laughed out loud. There aren't many blogs I like 'reading' (I'm a picture person–what? It's 2011, I want to see things.), but I enjoy yours already. šŸ™‚

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