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Reality Shift

August 23, 2010

I’m back in the land of traffic lights and internet. I’ll refrain from waxing poetic and nostalgic about the summer because my cheeks still aren’t dry from the tears shed on the drive down from the mountains. Just know that is was wonderful and far too short. It’s tough to leave the good times and better friends, not knowing if the future will be kind enough to reunite you. I’m thinking a round four might be in order.

Crazy to think that on Saturday I was leading a trail ride (on my horse….who was great! and we saw a bear!) and today I’ll be in class. I hate the radical reality shift that accompanies returning to a familiar place. You drive the same streets, shop at the same store, get groceries in the same order that you always did…… fall into the same routine and it feels like wherever you were never actually happened.

This is the first time I’ve really left the ranch and the feeling isn’t sitting well with me.

Oh well…’ll get better once I get busy and I know that it’ll be next May before too long.

In the meantime. there are chickens and horses in the backyard and a fantastic deck to play guitar on.

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