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July 11, 2010

I’ve completely failed at keeping this thing updated. I had every intention in the world of writing at least an entry a week to chronicle the goings on of a dude ranch wrangler.

I’m bout two months into the season and have logged…..oh….three entires?

In my defense, my computer is virus riddled and the ranch internet is sporadic at best. I’ve been putting in 12-15  hour work days and  the last thing I want to do with my spare time is finagle with frustrating electronics when I could be biking, reading, or sleeping.


The very word is causing my eyes to close. Especially when I think about my 4:30 am wakeup time tomorrow and my 10:30 or later sleep time tonight.

Anyways, there’s no use trying to recount details of the ranch. It’s fantastic as always. This year however,  the days harder and the weeks seem shorter. The ranch is teeming compared to the minimal guests during last season’s economic crisis. We are at capacity most weeks and my body is feeling every second of it. The ranch is busy busy busy and I am tired tired tired. Most mornings start at 6:30 am and most evenings end around 9 pm. Three to six hours in the saddle every day and a smile on my face every minute. More guests also mean more tips and more tips means that Lauren is buying new toys.

I recently bought a new mountain bike and my big girl camera is coming in the mail (Nikon D3000).

I’m in the middle of reading Gone with the Wind.

I’m terrified that we reached the half way point already. Just a few more short weeks of this when I never want it to end.

I’m stalling that thought process because when I think of the great big beyond I get a little panicky. Thought stasis is good. I don’t want my mind to extend beyond the borders of ranch land.

The thought of not returning the ranch is not a happy one.

My horse is still lame and skinny. I’m debating retiring him for good. In my skewed thinking….a retired horse means that I have license to buy another one. Craigslist is the enemy.

I’m going back to California this weekend for a wedding and I really don’t want to. Being removed from the ranchland bubble is akin to……being born. You’re ripped from your happy and safe environment into some foreign land that means little to you. You just want to go back home.

Sorry for the tangential writing. One day I’ll be re-acquainted with time and sleep and the writing will improve.

And because there haven’t been nearly as many pictures as a summer on a ranch in the Colorado Rockies warrants…..there I am….on the right:

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  1. Alex permalink
    July 14, 2010 7:16 pm

    I love your writing Lauren! I look sporatically for updates, but I understand how acutally living life gets in the way. I miss you a lot – all the time.
    Just thought I’d say hi. And hey – if CA means that you have cell phone reception, call me!
    Big ol’ lion hug!

  2. BirdieNumNum permalink
    July 21, 2010 6:37 pm

    Always good to hear how you’re doing! Keep having fun and write when you wish. Know that you have an eager audience ;P

  3. August 19, 2010 4:12 am

    whoa beautiful photo…

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