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June 22, 2010

I don’t believe that it’s almost July. Surely there’s been a mistake. It was only a few entries ago that I was eagerly counting down the days until I would be ranch bound and now I’m more than a month in? The days are slipping away in a haze of routine and sunshine. It’s scary how quickly the time goes by.

Life is good here in ranchland. As I said, routine has taken over and my days are a blur of roundups, rides, chores, and pushouts. Tacking and untacking. Raking and sweeping. Horse sweat and human. Throw in some evening activities, a few jokes, and some guitar and that’s about it. Just starting the fourth week of guests. It’s my favorite week thus far. The first two weeks didn’t have enough guests to really get any sort of momentum, and the third week was hellishly busy. This week I’ve hit my stride. I’ve had a few magical wrangler moments when the witty repoire is good, the horses are behaving, the sun is shining, and the guests are laughing. Even at my pathetic jokes. “There’s the chipmunk I’ve been tracking since the ranch.” “Elk? Pshhhh…..anyone can see an elk. There huge. It takes much more skill to spot the tiny elusive squirrel.” Lots of returning guests this week as well, which is always wonderful.

I wish I could do a better job of recounting all those small details that make my day. The little quips, the sweet horse moments, the smell of wet sagebrush during an early roundup. But there’s too many. I’m happy to remember my summer as a definite feeling of pleasure, although for vague reasons.

I have this afternoon off. My grandiose plans were abandoned in favor of a nap, a dip in the pool, and potentially a bike ride. If the mosquitoes aren’t too bad. I’m also camera hunting. I’ve gotten over my commitment issues and am ready to settle down with the Nikon D40. It’s time for me to get a big girl camera. Now I just need to price compare.

I got my first massage.

I played guitar for the first time in our staff show.

The day is long, but time is short.

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