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The morning amble

May 7, 2010

It wouldn’t be fair to call my 3 mile daily trek a run or jug. It’s more of a walk, or an amble, or a moving meditation.

I love my daily amble. Now that it’s spring, I’m rewarded with blue skies, lush grass, wildflowers, buds on the trees, cheeky little robins, and all sorts of baby livestock gallivanting in the fields. Spring is beautiful here. It’s like the world has been given a wash with fresh paint. The palette is all blues and greens and browns. There’s almost a tangible feeling of newness in the air.

And it’s the feeling of newness that makes me sad to leave for the summer. A visit to Jax (outdoor/ranching mercantile) planted all sorts of homesteading images in my head. Damn their baby chicks, canning supplies, cook books, and seed specials! This is the time when people are putting plants in the ground, ordering chicks by the crate, perusing the first of the season’s farmers markets, signing up for the summer horse shows, and barbecuing on the deck. I would be among their ranks if I wasn’t going to the ranch.

Not that I’m not excited about the ranch. I really really am. The ranch is heaven as far as I’m concerned. But I’ve put off my little homesteading dream for two summers now, and won’t be able to put my plan into action until NEXT summer. I’m starting to get a little antsy. I want chickens and goats NOW dangit.

Oh well, such is life. I still have a fantastic summer ahead of me. With or without heirloom tomatoes and fairytale eggplant. *sigh*

The room is halfway packed and I leave tomorrow for the mountains.

In front of me is another summer of early mornings, earlier nights, mountain vistas, and sweaty horse hugs. I’m pretty sure I can sacrifice a season of chickens and gardens for all that.

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