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Ranch Bound

May 7, 2010

It’s unreal to think that in just a few hours I’ll be leaving this little room of mine for another summer on the ranch. I’ve been counting down the minutes until this moment since September basically. It was just the other day that I was putting away saddles and moving horses to the winter pasture. Just the other day that I was packing up my room at the ranch. Just the other day that I was driving out here to Ft. Collins. And telling my friends, ‘Only a few more months until the ranch!”. And then BAM, the months, weeks, days, and hours flew by and here I am…packing up my room again and driving out there to the mountains. I’m a little upset to find that my enthusiasm has waned a bit. I expected to be chomping at the bit now that I’ll see the ranch in mere hours. I’m excited, sure, but it’s telling that it’s 6am and I’m still here. A few months ago I would have left as soon as it was light enough to drive. Shoot, I might not even leave until 10 or 11 !!! Maybe I’m just more excited about coming back than I am about leaving. I’m ready to move forward with grad school and a new job and life here and the ranch seems like a step backward. Blech, I better stop analyzing myself. I’m sure I’ll feel at peace and at home once I pull up that driveway and see those familiar equine faces and border collies come bounding up to meet me.

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