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Horse Shopping Rant

April 30, 2010

If the price of your horse includes a comma, at least pretend to make an attempt.

I recognize that I’m looking for a ranch horse and that gives you some leeway in the animal’s appearance, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to leave your horse unbrushed in a muddy lot. You wash a car before you try to sell it, right? Shit, you at least clean out the McDonald’s trash, don’t you? The least you could do is brush out the burrs or curry out the dried mud on the poor animal’s coat. Please make it worth my while to make the 60 mile trek. Have a little pride in the product. Your skinny, muddy horse in a field full of other skinny muddy horses is NOT going to make me want to shell out 2k.

Especially when you refer to your horse as a “shithead”.

On a more positive note, greek yogurt tastes absolutely fantastic on banana bread!

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