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Need my shades….future looks bright

April 29, 2010

So I’ve managed to get my hands on a surrogate computer. It’s also riddled with viruses, but at least the internet works (mostly). I’m wary of putting any pictures on here lest they get devoured by evil virus worms, but at least I can get my daily fix of cooking, riding, and gardening blogs. Thank god.

Life is good here, though getting a little hectic. I’m trying to wrap up all the loose ends before I head back to the ranch (IN TEN DAYS!!!!). I need to figure out next months rent situation, get my residency squared away, finish up riding my horses and saying bye to my clients, deep cleaning this room, and attend this weekends Debbie Bibb clinic, and…..

Wait, what?

Debbie Bibb Clinic?

Yep! One of the ladies I ride for was generous enough to sponsor me and her horse for a weekend clinic on developing trail horses. Thanks Louise!!! So I’ll get to spend 16 hours with my favorite little four year old pony working on trail basics. Even though trail isn’t my chosen discipline, no doubt I’ll learn some helpful stuff. Especially since I’ll be able to apply it to some of the trail-maiden babies back at the ranch. I’m also interested in doing a clinic with Debbie Bibb in October with the Beast, so this will me a nice introduction to her methodology. AND ITS FREE!!! I love it when life works out. This will be my first clinic ever, so I’m crazy excited.

Also trying out a potential ranch horse tomorrow, pending cooperative weather.

And goat shopping.

And researching compatible raspberry types for Ft. Collins.

I’m giddy with life right now. There’s nothing to complain about when life is filled with horses, goats, produce, well worn boots, and a trust in tomorrow.

Next is the clinic, then the ranch, then a new home, a new course of study, new homesteading hobbies to cultivate….

The future looks bright.

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