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Food feelings

April 25, 2010

My personal computer is still out of action. I’m writing this post from parent’s computer…..I’m out here in California (for the third time this month!!!) to attend a wedding.

It’s nice coming back home. Especially during this time of year. Spring is a wonderful season in southern california. The days are warm, the baby ducks are out, and the hills are still green from the recent rains. And gardening season is in full force.

I’ve been pigging out on oranges straight from the tree and enjoying fresh squeezed lemonade. In a month or so there will be peaches, plums, raspberries, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, summer squash and melons. Fruits and veggies that Colorado won’t see until August. Although my heart is with Colorado, I definitely envy socal’s 10 month gardening season. Gardens grow themselves here.

Our kitchen is testament to the season’s bounty. There are bowls of lemons, bags of oranges, fresh caught fish in the sink, and venison marinating in the fridge. There really is some very profound feeling in eating simply, sustainably, and healthfully. Not to mention the more physical pleasures of bright colors, sunlight, and the fresh tastes. I’m so yearning for my own garden. I want my kitchen to emulate my parents’.

Speaking of kitchens, I’m almost sorry to give up my cooking for the next four months. I love the convenience of having someone else cooking my meals, but I’ve really come to appreciate the connection to food that you get when you cook your own meals. The nature of my meals will also change. Thanks to a limited food budget I’ve been eating very simply….breakfast is oatmeal, lunch is yogurt and an almond butter/peach sandwich, dinner is roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus. Throw in some green tea, coffee, string cheese, and the occasional homemade pie slice and I’m set. I’ll have to switch from that simple, self made fare to lots of canned chemical bulk foods from Shamrock. Considering the lifestyle upgrades in other areas (riding all day, beautiful mountain vistas, campfires, hanging out at the lake, camping with friends) the tradeoff isn’t horrible, but still…..

Wow, it’s crazy how much I’ve come to respect food.

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