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Such a lovely place…

March 29, 2010

I’m doing a weekend stint in California in order to attend a funeral.

Although the occasion that’s brought me here is a sad one, being back in the hometown is nice.

As much as I love having seasons in Colorado, California’s constant mild weather can be a comfort. There’s still snow on the ground in Ft. Collins and it’s pushing eighty degrees here. I took advantage of the nice weather and took my parent’s pup on a nice hike in Rice Canyon. Lovely, lovely, hike. Southern California has a very brief green season and I’m lucky enough to be home right in the middle of it. The hills have exploded in green. It’s a nice break from the brown, blue, and white landscape of Colorado right now. Our hike took us through pretty little oak copses, some stream trickles, and open grassland. I was a bad dog owner and let Pup off the leash. She loved it. She came home wet, muddy, and exhausted. Good dog.

Another perk is the garden. Back in the Centennial State, people are just starting some indoor seeds to be planted after Memorial day. Out here, the fruit trees are in full fruit and the garden is thriving. I’m eating an orange straight from the tree as I type this.

Still, can’t wait to get back home.

Maybe I’ll bring a suitcase full of fruit …

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