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They’re back…

March 7, 2010

The flies, the bees, and the ROBINS!

The harbingers of spring have made the official announcement that it’s right around the corner.

It was during my morning jaunt the other day that I spied that pudgy red belly, quizzical white rimmed eyes, and worm in beak. It was like a sigh of relief….an internal switch clicked on and I finally really registered all the new signs of spring. The thawed earth smell, the sun’s heat on the back of my neck, the buzz of little insects, that feeling that the earth is waking up.

Born and bred in southern California, spring has meant little to me. In S. California, seasons are something like this: Hot, a little less hot, fire season, mud slide season.  Remind me that I said this next February, but I’ve found there’s some innate thrill in the cycling of the seasons. The body wants to rest in winter, which only makes it feel more alive come Spring. Maybe it’s all my head, but I swear I could feel my body open up and breathe; search for spring; somehow connect to those small signs of the changing season and just plug in.

I know it sounds all silly and earth-mama, but I felt it. I could feel my body get giddy and giggle.

The body knows.

It’s spring.

Now watch Fort Collins get blasted by a three footer next week….

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