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Mountain Chicken Wishlist

March 4, 2010

1) Crosby Equilibrium. The local consignment store has one of these babies for $350 (the actual saddle is pictured below). I love love love older style pancake saddles. This one is nice and balanced and puts me in a good position. I’m going to try to test ride it this weekend. Now I just need to sell my Wintec CC to get the funds.

2) Ariat Pro Baby Boots. Internet hunting shows I can get them for about $80. I’m debating between the blue, dusty rose, and sea green.

3)Most everything from Wild Horsefeathers. This website really brings back memories of Mountain Chicken as a horse crazy 12 year old. When I would obsess over the free catalogs from WHF, Stateline Tack, and Dover. When a sleepover the day before a show was mandatory. When everyone had their own “colors” which had to be applied to brush sets, tack boxes, saddle pads, polo wraps, and halters (mine were blue, tan, and cream). When we were all assigned saddle club personalities (I always identified with Stevie). When riding doubles and bareback with only a halter and leadrope was the norm. When there was a clearly defined barn hierarchy of barn rats.¬† When I was too excited to sleep on Friday night because Saturday was BARN DAY…when I could spend all day at the barn and think of it as a pleasure instead of a chore. *sigh* I want to be that girl again.

4) Canter Cuties. Since I currently consider instant coffee a luxury purchase, I’m obviously in no position to buy a horse… but I window shop like I am. This really is a sickness. I already HAVE a horse, and I can barely afford him and the hamster. And still I look…

5) Summer. I’m ready. These 50* March days are a tease, since I know big snow storms are right around the corner. I’m done with mud and slush and ready for slick horses and tanktops.

6) Homesteading Haven. I’m done with this moving around every six months and living out of suitcases. I’m counting down the days to a cabin, garden, and chicken coop.

7) Spring schooling shows.

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