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I’m Out

February 24, 2010

I gave “the world’s best trainer” the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe he is a really fantastic trainer and it’s my own lack of understanding that keeps me from fully appreciating his idiosyncratic training methods that make no sense. Maybe it’s my own inflated sense of self worth that makes him seem like a lying two bit hack.

But I don’t think so.

For as good a trainer and horseman as he claims to be, he sure has a lot of unbroke horses in sub standard conditions.

And he’s a jackass.

I refuse to be blamed one more time for his mistakes and failures.

I’m getting my paycheck and then I’m gone.

I don’t get paid enough to deal with lying, egotistical, manipulative jerks.

I’ll glady embrace my poverty if it means I don’t have to deal with this guy anymore.


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  1. February 26, 2010 6:18 am

    You go girl. Your integrity is a valuable commodity, both in jobs and of course self-esteem. Sorry he turned out to be so, um, misrepresented. (I’m thinking of a lot of unprintable descriptors.)

    • goamwat permalink*
      February 26, 2010 1:50 pm

      What is it about the horse world that brings out the crazies? I’m pretty sure my story isn’t unique. Isn’t there something more suitable for these creeps? Like bike stealing? Drug trafficking? Why do they have to invade my happy world of horses?

  2. BirdieNumNum permalink
    February 26, 2010 7:44 am

    Aw, I’m sorry that didn’t work out at all šŸ˜¦ You seemed to excited about the initial job prospect, but dang. Are you still “community organizing”?

  3. BirdieNumNum permalink
    February 26, 2010 7:45 am

    so excited*

  4. goamwat permalink*
    February 26, 2010 1:53 pm

    Thanks for the sympathy vote :). I feel like such a bum for quitting two jobs in the last month. I swear I’m not just another lazy Gen Yer afraid of hard work!

    At least the community organizing job was legitimate…just wasn’t for me.

    The horse job is actually somewhat decent….its the guy in charge that isn’t. I’m not above mucking stalls and graining, but I can’t handle the unwarranted criticism and blatant lies.

    I’ll be able to cobble together some money through my modeling gigs, exercise riding, and tax returns . Not destitute yet.

  5. BirdieNumNum permalink
    February 26, 2010 5:27 pm

    Totally don’t worry about it. Jobs nowadays sucks for many reasons. I had to do the “asking strangers for money” thing once… barely lasted three weeks (I got fired because I didn’t make enough); it was probably the worst three weeks of my life. When I was released, even though I was deathly poor, I remember walking out into street, breathing an unemployed sigh of immense relief.

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