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So have you ever actually raced?

February 17, 2010

So I’m starting to get the picture that my “race horse trainer” is probably in actuality closer to “a guy that has horses who read a book on race horse training.”

He talked a good talk, but there have been a few clues that he’s not exactly what he marketed himself to be.

Why does the horse word do such a good job or attracting unscrupulous, shady people? Aren’t they better suited to bike stealing and money laundering? Why do they have to be so prevalent in the equine industry? Horses aren’t insidious int he least, but it seems like a good majority of the people that deal with them are.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is how it is at backyard training barns. I’ll still go into this with an open mind. And hey, regardless of what this “trainers” actual program is…at the end of the day I’m still working with horses and getting paid for it.

Still, I can’t help but think that this is just a guy who happens to have a lot of Thoroughbreds. I won’t be surprised if his isn’t a legitimite endeavor.

As long as I get paid.

Still, I think this is going to be a disappointment.

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  1. delilawagton permalink
    February 17, 2010 9:40 pm

    Money is important, gaining experience is more important, but preserving your safety is vital. Along my toilsome journey to becoming a jockey, I found that there are good race horses and there are dangerous race horses. Good race horses are by no means quiet-they will probably still buck a little, try to run away, and spook alot. But a few trainers raise and train dangerous race horses that you don’t want to tango with. I’m sure you will know them when you see them, just don’t ignore your instincts or get suckered onto a dangerous horse.
    Otherwise, learn what you can until you’re satisfied, then move on to a “real trainer” and Good Luck!

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