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February 12, 2010

In less than two hours I’m going to a racing barn.

In less than two hours I’m going to find out if I can potentially be an exercise rider for THOROUGHBRED RACE HORSES!

I just got off the phone with a gentleman who was responding to my craigslist post offering exercise and schooling rides. I expected calls from backyard owners who wanted to get Poke up to riding shape before the summer….not racing barn managers.

He told me he has thirty horses in training and is looking for someone to work them….someone who can work full time and stay the summer…….

I’ve already committed to the dude ranch for the summer. The ranch owners are dear friends and have really supported me the last few years. I can’t tell them no, can I? It would make me a horrible person, wouldn’t it? It would. For chrissake…they just wrote me a letter of recommendation. I can’t go back on my word, especially this close to the season.

But still…it’ll be very disappointing if I don’t get this job because of my commitment. It’s not like there are tons of racing barns in Colorado to choose from. This may be a one and only chance.

Who knows though….maybe they won’t like me. Maybe they won’t hire me anyways….

God, I hope they do though. How amazing would that be? Talk about dream job. I really hope their open to some schedule refiguring. Maybe I could work full time until May…then they could have me on the weekends through the summer….and then full time again when I come back.

What if they offer me some obscene amount of money to do this?

Is it sometimes better to be a good business person rather than a good person?

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