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Introducing Pretty Baby

February 9, 2010

Pretty Baby and I had a training session this past Saturday so I took some pictures. Here’s the pretty girl…

I also found out that she’s a three year old. A very well behaved three year old. Saturday’s session took us to a trainer’s barn in Wellington and after the initial nostril flare and snort, she settled right down to work. Because she has such a good foundation already, my goals for her are just to help develop a soft, willing, responsive horse.  The first portion of our session didn’t go amazingly.  I primarily worked on getting her to loosen up, step under herself, and bend through the corners. Nothing earth shattering. The goal was to walk on loose rein along the long sides, turn, collect through the short sides and yield to contact. Random figure 8s every once in a while to keep her supple. However, that’s not exactly how it turned out. She was responsive enough, but her attention was largely outside the ring. She balked every once in a while, refusing to move forward. Her trot was rushed. Her back was hollow. She shook her head.

The trainer recommended we try one of her treeless saddles just for kicks.

First of all, it was the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever sat in.

Second of all, there was a 180* transformation in the horse. She lowered her head, stretched her topline, and went forward willingly and with good rhythm. I don’t know if this change was a product of just being warmed up and work ready or because of the saddle switch. I’m leaning towards saddle since it was such an immediate marked transformation.

I want a treeless saddle.

I also want (and this is really embarrassing for me to admit) to learn a little more about T Touch. In the horsey realm, T Touch is grouped with all that other over marketed natural horesmanship mumbo jumbo and I tend to avoid that area. But the trainer was a TTouch practitioner and I saw her do wonderful things with the horses. Will have to look into it.

All this horse business is making me miss my own beastie. I’m really motivated to work with him a lot more than I have during my ownership of him. He’s big, pretty, and athletic and I’d like to see him entered in a few local shows at the end of the summer. Too bad he’s not conditioned, herd bound, and doesn’t like trailers or new places. I really hope I stay motivated enough during the summer to work on those issues. He’s a great trail horse, but I’m ready for a new challenge. I hope he’s game.

Things on the grad school front are moving slowly. I’ve turned in everything I have the power to turn in and am just waiting on my GRE scores and letters of recommendation to come in. The deadline is fast approaching and I’m getting nervous that its all lost in transit somewhere.

I love FT. Collins.

It needs to be summer.

My first job training is today. I’m pretty sure its a sink or swim test that determines whether they hire you or not, so hopefully I swim.

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