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Living on the cheap

February 7, 2010

As a general rule, I avoid Wal*Mart. My mom is a union rep and it’s been drilled into my head since a young age that Wal*Mart is the devil incarnate and I should never ever shop there. Furthermore, I like to try to support the local guys. I’m moving towards self sustainability, but in the meantime, shopping local is about as sustainable as I can get.

But I’m also a poor student. I live off beans, rice, and oatmeal. A talk with a friend the other day convinced me that Wal*Mart was the shangri-la for poor students needing cheap eats and that my budget of $20/week would go much further there than at the local store. So I abandoned my pride, became a traitor to my beliefs, and went to that ubiquitous super center.

Turns out I traded my soul and didn’t even get a good deal for it.

Wal*Mart is NOT cheaper than the local place. Grapefruit at Wal*Mart: $.50 each. At the local store? 5/$1. The produce showed the greatest price discrepancy, but most everything else was about $.30 to $.50 more expensive at Wal*Mart.

Now I’ll be guilty AND hungry.

Back to the mom and pop next week.


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