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Horses, words, and cilantro

January 17, 2010

I’ve totally forgotten the hassles of the real world. There’s so much emailing! And paperwork! Taking care of all the details that one must take care of when they move to a new place and are applying to a new school has been time consuming, tiring, and stressful. Not to mention expensive.

I’ve been slowly but surely trudging forward. I have a job to find, a school to apply to, letters of recommendation to get, taxes to file, horses to ride, the GRE to study for, and personal statements to write. Each of them present a whole different set of hurdles and it seems like I’m crashing through them instead of leaping over them. Oh well. It’s better to be busy than have nothing to do I guess.

Really though, I have no complaints. I’m excited to get back into the rhythm of the real world again. I’m going to be attending a college class for the first time in two years on Wednesday. I’m thrilled. The teacher is an environmental fiction writer, so her interests definitely align with my own. In fact, I’m finding that Ft. Collins is pretty available when it comes to my interests. I haven’t had to sacrifice my horses or Carhartts at all.

The horseback riding is going well. I’ve met four of my projects today and am meeting one more this afternoon. Two are babies that are ground broke but have only been backed a time or two. Three are broke horses owned by an unexperienced owner, and they know it. I basically just get to hack them and attend to any issues that might crop up….get them to remember that this is a PARTNERSHIP and not a horsey-runs-the-show-ship.

I’ve been avoiding the job hunt thus far. The GRE, figuring out classes, horses, and personal statement writing have taken up most of my time. But I’m hemorrhaging money from my savings account, and need to find some sort of employment quick. I’ll be heading to the temp agencies tomorrow.

I also had to make my final appeal for residency. It was denied. A big blow to my bank account, but I can’t do anything else at this juncture. It’s disappointing and hugely inconvenient, but I have no choice but to get over it. Still…knowing that I’m spending $3,000 instead of $900 is a painful realization.

Luckily, my schedule allows for some me time as well. I’ve been cooking a storm and have perfected a couple songs on the guitar.

Bleck….gotta get back to my personal statement and vocabulary flashcards before my horse appointments. Mmmm….I like that sentence.

Oh! And the cilantro in my herb garden has started to sprout!!!

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