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Girl that lives next to a mountain with a chicken probably close by

January 11, 2010

That title doesn’t have quite the same ring a the original, so I think I’ll just keep Girl on A Mountain with a Chicken.

Well…I did it. I moved. I am a Ft. Collins sub-ruralish dweller. As soon as I could, I made it home. I didn’t waste any time getting my butt to the equestrian center (which is in walking distance!) and organizing roping lessons (starting tomorrow!) or planting an herb garden.

Cowboy seems unphased by the move.

The weather is nice. The town is nice. The room mates are nice.

And now I have legit internet service! So expect more frequent posts.

Now I need to establish some semblance of a life here. Today will be spent job hunting.


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  1. geekwithahorse permalink
    January 12, 2010 12:59 am

    Congrats on a safe move, and you owe it to yourself to eschew the “real world” for as long as possible… live life, experience it, drink it!

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