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Round 3

January 7, 2010

This time I get to make an emotional plea for residency. The panel I’m appealing to doesn’t want any more transcripts or W-2s or notarized statements from my landlord. They want me to pour my heart and soul into an essay explaining that I love Colorado and consider it home.

This was the opportunity I was waiting for.

But it’s also terrifying.

How can my love, my gut deep, every fiber of my body love for the state transcend and translate into a 500 word, double spaced essay? I don’t think I could come close to explaining how I feel for Colorado.

How the view from my freak’n driveway is so beautiful that it causes my breath to catch.
How I sometimes leak tears on those crystal clear days when I can see straight to the cornices on The Divide.
How I consider myself the luckiest person on earth to have cows and horses in my front yard and the Rocky Mountains in my back.
How much it makes me smile to see a closet full of plaid and work boots instead of business casual and heels.
How proud I am of myself that I realized my dream of making my living on horseback.
How I grin like an idiot when I let my horse out along a flat stretch of trail next to the Colorado River.
How I’ve two stepped and line danced more in two years here than I have in my entire life.
How the aspen has become my favorite tree.
How I know everyone in my small town and have been invited to baby showers, Christmas parties, and girl’s basketball game.
How Rocky Mountain Oysters have become a viable food option.
How the sky inspires me to write poetry.
How the colors here make me want to paint.
How I carry my camera around with me everywhere now because between the mountains, horses, cows, elk, moose, forest and sky there is always a photo opportunity.
How much I love reconnecting with old friends back home and telling them I live in Colorado now…just to hear their reaction.
How I’ve become fluent in country music.
How completely happy and fulfilled I am when I look out the window and see snow covered lodgpole, magpies, and the old barn.
How I think the aspens in fall are the most gorgeous thing ever.
How I’ve learned to actually enjoy driving in snow and mud.
How much more use my tent has gotten since living here…because why sleep indoors when I can sleep under the Milky Way.
How nothing can compare to pausing on a draw during roundup, so I can watch the horses run below me and the sun rise above me.

Words really can’t do it justice. They sound trite and scripted. I wish there was some sort of device that could access my core and implant my feelings into the panel, so that they could feel the school girl pit of my stomach scribble in my notebook woosh of a crush that I harbor for Colorado.

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  1. BirdieNumNum permalink
    January 8, 2010 5:25 pm

    Oh! Well you’re golden right there. Just take everything you wrote in this entry from “How can my love, my gut deep…” up to “… the sun rise above me” and you’ve got 90% of your emotional essay written right there. Smoosh the big list into one long breathless paragraph, then write another poetic concluding paragraph about how “words can’t really do it justice” and TA DA, there you have it — you’ve written from your heart. And that’s exactly what they want you to do here. Can’t ask for better material.

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