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Here’s to a new decade!

January 2, 2010

So my new year started a bit inauspiciously. Plans got changed, people changed minds, I tried to make everyone happy and ended up welcoming the new year in a way that wasn’t my first choice.

And I’m going to tell myself that I’m not upset about it. I know that I put way too much stock in signs, luck, and rituals. I hold my breath and make a wish in tunnels. I tell myself that if I make this light then I’ll get a good grade on a test. I believe that how you ring in a new year will affect the entire year (or in this case, the new DECADE!). But I need to convince myself that these little charms and rituals have no real bearing on actuality. They are merely mental crutches that put my mind at ease. I need to remind myself that all my successes are my own doing, and not because I was able to hold my breath through an entire tunnel. It’s entirely within my power to alter my world and my world view.

So in light of that… last night wasn’t bad.
It was just different than planned.
And I got to spend it with a good friend.
So it will be a good year.
I’ll make sure of it.

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