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Mountain Chicken New Years

December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009. You were a good year.

I wish I had something more poignant to say. I wish I could sum up the year in an eloquent, pithy paragraph.

It was a good year.

I did some searching, some finding, a little bit of crying, and a lot of laughing and cooking. I made new plans, new friends, and new goals. I lost a lot of  jeans to barbed wire. I hugged horses and kissed people. I hugged people and kissed horses. My closet acquired even more plaid. I bought a new pair of boots. I went to Costa Rica. I lived, loved, learned. I did all those things that you’re supposed to do.

And I’m damn happy.

2009 was a good year.

Bring on 2010. My big new years eve plan is to head down to Denver to celebrate with a good friend. We’ll dress in our blingy country western best and celebrate in style at The Grizzly Rose. Have a Happy New Year all! Be safe! Kiss someone at midnight! Get excited!

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