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A Mountain Chicken Christmas

December 25, 2009

Despite an icky cold and the lingering stress of this residency petition, I am ridiculously and incredibly happy. I’m starting to think that four days here isn’t enough. It isn’t enough time to eat out with my old friends, hang out with my family, laugh with my sister, cuddle with the cats, or walk the dog. But it is more than enough time to recognize that I have the good life and that I’m a lucky lucky girl indeed. My friends and family love me, support me and will always be here for me.

And California is a nice breather from Colorado right now. I know I’ve written about the personification of these two states before and the metaphor still holds. Colorado is a cougar…beautiful, majestic, wild, awesome. Where my folks live in California is a sleepy kitten…warm, soft, sweet, and fluffy. While I usually opt for the cougar, sometimes I like a little kitten snuggle. It’s also freak’n GREEN here. I forget that winter is the green season for So.Cal. I haven’t seen green in Co for months, and here in Cali my mom’s tomato plants are still thriving. It’s nice to walk on grass right now instead of snow.

I go home to Colorado tomorrow…wish I could pack my friends, family, cat, and dog.
And the tomato plant.

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