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My wood stove…

October 21, 2009


My favorite inert object on the ranch has to be the wood stove. As I write, I’m parked in front of it, with A Farmhouse Cookbook in front of me and a pumpkin custard pie in the oven. The world smells like pine sap, firewood, and cinnamon. Life is good.

So far today has been mostly uneventful. The skies are gray enough to discourage outdoor activity but its dry enough to make me feel guilty staying indoors. Times like this I wish I had a dog to walk to give me some motivation to get my butt outside. Times of transitional employment are strange. On one hand, I have the liberty and freedom to do ANYTHING I WANT with my day, but on the other hand, I lack the funds to do it. Funny, whenever I have a super structured schedule, I yearn for free time. I think of all the things I could do if I didn’t have this homework assignment or that job to go to. I tell myself I would take cooking lessons or try yoga or go hiking more.

And then I get free time.

And what do I do? I sit in front of a fire and read all day. Blech.

Now that I have all this free time I’m excited to go back to school and work…anything to give me that structure back and the feeling of actually accomplishing something with my day.

Not that today’s been a total waste. I took a three mile walk, held a cat, pet a puppy, went to the library (which I found out has an online spanish program!!!), got some books and movies, researched surf lessons in Costa Rica, and baked a pie. Not shabby I guess.

Pending taste test, recipe for pumpkin custard pie coming up…

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