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I’m Rich…

October 13, 2009

…surrounded by all this gold.

Back in California, the dying leaves and grass always looked brown and dingy against the ashy, smoggy sky. Southern California isn’t exactly known for its glorious falls.

Here in the Rockies, it’s a completely different animal. Instead of brown and dust and mud, the world is gold and wheat and azure. It’s beautiful.

I grin like a little kid driving down the highway…the sky dark and dramatic in my rearview mirror and bright and endless in front of me. I’m flanked by yellow fields dotted with red angus and fuzzy calves and horses inspired into galloping by the brisk autumn breeze. The Colorado river is almost black with its newfound depth due to recent snowfall.

Life is beautiful.
Life is good.

Spent the day sleeping in, getting a bunch of cookbooks from the library, going on an amazon shopping spree for gardening books, buying a recipe card holder (so much better than a recipe word doc), riding baby horses, riding bikes, and finally cooking absolutely delicious potato pancakes.

I’m rich.

And….as it turns out….I’m also doing pretty well monetarily. After two years I finally met my savings account goal!

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