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October 9, 2009

I swear that every attempt I make to keep this updated is sabotaged. I had all these brainstorms on potential entries and then…I get sick. I even made the gingerale I mentioned in the last entry, but was then laid out for three days and lacked the stomach to try anything homemade. And even if I could force it down without bringing it right back up I don’t know that I could have stayed vertical long enough to write about it. (I did try the gingerale yesterday though, but by then all the carbonation had leeced out. Through my stuffy sinuses though, I could taste what may have been decent gingerale.) My symptoms have subsided to mere annoyances now…stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and head full of cotton. Still, I’m going to indulge myself by lounging around all day and watching the Food Network.

Prior to getting the swine flu, black plague, and ebola all rolled into one, I spent whatever snow-free time there was working on the babies. I am so so so proud of the babiest baby Apache. He has a grand total of two saddle hours but he’s been doing fantastically. We rode in the big scary arena the other day and he didn’t bat an eye. He knows how to halt, stay stopped, backup, and move off the leg. He’s still a little confused about steering, but he’s getting there.

Once I’m back to 100% I’ll resume baby riding and other ranch activities. Ranch work (aside from riding babies) has officially ended, so I’ll be spending a good amount of time looking for a job. A job that is unlikely to actually happen given that I’d only be able to work for two months. Sometimes I think (actually I know) it would be smarter to move to Ft. Collins now. I’d be able to find a job, I could move before the snow hits, I’d get acquainted with the city before school actually starts, etc…..but still, for some reason I’m clutching to the ranch with the tenacity of a barnacle. So unless I find a cute little studio above a barn for $300/mo including utilities and horse boarding, I’ll stay here.

Although unlikely, another option I’m considering is leaving the country for a month and wwoofing. It’s a thought.

Anyone have a good cure for stuffy noses?

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