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October 1, 2009

New month, new ambitions.
To my remaining three readers (the horseback riding, mountain living, homesteading bunch is a pretty small niche, eh?), I promise that I’ll write more. The summer season is over, I don’t have a real job yet, and I have about 300 recipes, pictures, worries,and dreams to write about. So no excuses.

Speaking of recipes…I just baked my first chicken. I’m pretty sure its a huge culinary milestone. Made with potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and garlic. Mmmmmmmm. It wasn’t dry. It wasn’t bland. And it required basting! I feel so accomplished, having cooked something that required basting! Proud pictures below.

Currently, I’m back home in California taking a week long vacation to pack up all my winter gear. I’m heading back to the ranch on Sunday, and am looking forward to making all sorts of soups and ciders that taste even better in front of a woodstove while those golden aspen leaves swirl outside in our mountain chilled wind.

athome 044

athome 046

^^Requisite fall photos taken on a hike out here in SoCal. Whitney Canyon. Saw a black tailed deer!

athome 032
^^^Look at that! I feel like a proud mamma.

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