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Big Plans

August 8, 2009

I’m scared.

The end of summer is coming sooner than it should. I don’t feel ready to pack up my boots and hats and buckles for another winter. I’m still in the honeymoon phase here at the ranch where everything is still wonderful and bright and shiny. I’m not ready to pack and divide that life into boxes and car trunks yet.

Anyways, went to Ft. Collins on Thursday to check out CSU and see if FoCo is a place I could potentially live. In terms of the school…..perfect. I met with the admissions director of the Lit. program and she was nearly as excited as I was about my potential thesis. The school is gorgeous, the faculty is helpful, and they have the exact program I want. I’m not as excited about FoCo as I am CSU, but it will be a fine place to live for a few years. The city isn’t as rural or quaint as the places I was looking at in California, but it will do. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the town I grew up in…ten years ago. Suburbia merging into equal parts city and country. There’s an obvious downtown but there are also hay fields inbetween highways. But its horse country, the mountains are close, rent is cheap, and good friends are in driving distance.

All in all, it’s totally doable and will probably be done.

Come January, I’ll probably be enrolled in some prerequisite classes and will be ready to earnestly pursue a grad degree come next fall semester.

I get to be a student again!!!!!!

I drove through a tornado in Denver.

Tonight is white trash bash at the ranch.

I never want to leave.

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