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Happy Tired

June 6, 2009

Yesterday was long.
Yesterday was tiring.
Yesterday was a lot of hard work.
Yesterday reminded me yet again of why I chose to stay here.

I took my second all day ride of the week this Friday and it was fantastic. A guest described it as “magical”. I kid you not. “Magical.” I wish I could owe it to my fantastic wrangling abilities, but credit goes to the gorgeous views we were blessed of. Disney could not have painted a more picturesque depiction of Colorado. It was so beautiful as to be unbelievable…it was almost as if Disney HAD created the vista….it was that perfect. At one point we were on a wide dirt road through a high mountain meadow flanked on one side by the river valley and on the other by a huge mountain and aspen groves. The sky was impossibly blue and the grass fantastically green. In the distance was the Continental Divide capped with white. Then to top it off, a hawk flew close overhead and emitted that special skree that makes you feel like a cowboy.To borrow from that great movie…it was like mother nature’s dial was turned up to 11.

And that was only within the first mile.

The ride we were on was called Snow Slide. It’s a LONG all day ride that takes your through pine forests, high meadows, and huge aspen groves all the way above the timberline to alpine tundra. The summit of the ride provides a 360* view of Middle Park. It is stunning. I’ve had people cry when they reached the top before. (However….that could be from exhaustion. We require guests to dismount their horses for Horse Appreciation Hill…a hill too steep for horses to climb with riders. And it is a loooooooong climb. My thighs are killing me. So it’s entirely possible that I’ve mistaken tears of pain for tears of thanks.)

My riders were fantastic as well. I had a small group of two… both of which are great riders and conversationalists. It was more like a fun trail ride than anything else. It’s rides like this one that make my job seem like anything but. You mean I get to accompany two wonderful people on a ride that takes us through some of the most gorgeous natural majesty the High Country has to offer and get paid for it? Sweet.

Still a long day though. Woke up at 5 am to get on a horse by 5:30. Then quite literally rode from then till 5pm. Barn chores until 6:15 then staff show until 9:30. Tired. Very tired. But the type of tired that can only come from a day of honest labor and riding good horses.

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  1. June 9, 2009 1:11 am

    Makes me want to be there!

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