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Buck ‘Em Out

May 26, 2009

Yesterday was probably as fantastic as a Monday could get. Shoot, it was about as fantastic as any day could get. The morning was spent hauling horses from one of the spring meadows back to the barn. Instead of raking, sweeping, stacking, and dusting until lunch, we basically got to sit in a horse van and chat and enjoy the scenery.

Lunch was barbequed pulled pork.

After lunch was a smattering of odd chores like sweeping the square dance teepee and putting the tarp on the Conestoga wagon…but other than that….it was buck out time. Buck out time occurs in the pre-season once the majority of the horses get here. The wranglers fit up all the horses to their tack and make sure everything still fits and is in good repair. Then we get to…well…buck them out. All the horses are fat and happy and high on spring green grass and are feeling GOOD. Rather than expose a guest to the horses’ early season rambunctiousness, the wranglers get the privilege. Most of the horses do well. The best you’ll get out of them is usually a bounce or a crowhop. Some of them, however, put on a decent show.

Secretly, every wrangler wants one of the high buckers. A good show awards you the respect and jealousy of all the other wranglers. I think that a lot of wranglers have deep seated insecurities covered by a façade of superiority. Like lots of horse people, we are insecure and indecisive but also….prideful? Wrong word, but you get the idea. Basically, we crave constant validation and approval. What better way than riding a particularly difficult horse particularly well?

After dinner was a staff meeting to discuss acts for our Friday staff show. I got shanghaied into a few. They will be amazing. The one I’m most looking forward to is the girl wrangler’s act. We’re doing a tribute to the Soggy Bottom Boys’ version of Man of Constant Sorrow. Think twang, harmonizing, red long johns, and fake beards.

Yesterday was the last enjoyable Monday I’ll have all summer. Monday is usually the wrangler’s busiest and least exciting day from this point on. Mondays, I’ll miss you.

Today is the first round up! At 9am. That too will never happen again. Roundups usually happen around 5am.

Also fencing today. High pasture. 250 acres. Most of it down. This means that we will be fencing ALL DAY LONG. And will be covered in ticks. Add two more ticks to my tick count.

And a few more foxes to the wild animal count.

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