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April 29, 2009

Here’s the info I promised on the singer I saw at the Cowboy Festival.

Her name is Adrian.
And she’s what I wish I could have been at seventeen. Shoot, she’s what I wish I could be now.

She’s charming, poised, can sing the HELL out of some bluesy country songs, plays the guitar, and is the real deal. She isn’t just a Nashville hopeful who’s voice has too much soul and vibrato for pop so the suits throw on some cowgirl boots and call it country. Nope. She ropes, rides, breaks, and brands. She’s legit and she GETS IT. Her songs aren’t trashy country about cheat’n rodeo cowboys and fancy dancin’ boots. She sings about nostalgia for a bygone era and special connections to horses and family.

And she’s only SEVENTEEN!!!!!

Granted, some of her lyrics and composition aren’t polished or mainstream and sound like a seventeen year old girl’s poetry….but that’s what she is.

If nothing else, listen to her song Will James Days on her website. It’s a little bit fantastic.

I wish she and my sister were friends so I’d have an excuse to hang out with her…

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